Twitchr relaunch at Sound:Site

Twitchr is currently being revamped to include the ability to upload your own birdsong recordings, specially for a relaunch at Sound:Site.

It will incorporate the application Audioboo which makes it really easy to upload a sound tagged to a specific location on a map. If you have any recordings of birdsong, please get them prepared for Twitchr’s re-launch (should be up and ready next week – watch this space) OR be inspired to go out and record some birdsong!


>>> Kathy Hinde’s interview in Gene Pool #24
>>> ‘Blackbird’ recordings on Audioboo
>>> Birdsong and wildlife recordings, so you can identify any birds featuring in recordings you’ve made
>>> Bird Songs at the British Library
>>> great article on reducing wind noise on smart-phone recordings


Your Tweetly Newsletter

Tweets featuring projects or artists who are going to be presenting at 5 x 9 during Sound:Site:

@displatypus reviews @SpectaCiera‘s “Meadow Return” on Audio Gourmet here >>> #ambient #netlabel #ccmusic (you can download the release and listen for yourself here at the Audio Gourmet website)

Joe Stevens AKA @51joe has been involved in a 24-hour long online residency with @soundproof3. The idea is to connect up 2012 Olympic sites via ‘site-specific live Twitterfeed.’ There has been much talk of sounds and sights between the three artists involved in the residency, and you can read these yourself here.

London Sound Survey AKA @LondonSounds has announced many new recordings on the website:

Sound action recording: Soprano sax busker Oxford Street
Sound action recording: One pound your Pope flags
Sound map recording: Gents toilets London Bridge station
Sound map recording: Perfect Chicken Blackstock Road

Tweets relating to other presentations and projects which are going to feature in the forthcoming Sound:Site festival:

Paul made some great Sound Diaries at the Greenbelt festival, which were picked up on by @greenbelt >>>Some brilliant recordings of the Sounds of Greenbelt – #gb10

Sound Diaries also received a new contribution from @antonmobin >>>
Micro Sound Diary 08 by Anton Mobin Published on SOUND DIARIES

The British Library’s UK SoundMap have also been busy on the twitterfeed >>>

@uk_soundmap tweeted some early statistics from the UK SoundMap which make for interesting reading at >>> #uksm #soundmap

From Atlantic magazine: The Quest for the First Soundscape #soundscape #uksm

So there you go, a condensed Sound:Site tweetly newsletter for anyone who isn’t on twitter.

Micro Presentations Confirmed

Bookings for our re-christened 5 x9 micro-presentation slot are completed, with artists and projects that are just too interesting to cram into only 5 minutes. So, our rapid fire slot slows down, but gets more interesting with five presentations of 9’00”

Audio Gourmet, the only net label that complies with UK workplace legislation. Each Audio Gourmet release fits into the 15 minute statutory tea break.

SoundFjord Gallery is gaining lots of media interest since it’s recent opening as a sound focussed gallery space. Curator, Helen Frosi talks about the gallery’s web archive and online projects.

Soundart Radio 102.5FM are a community radio station based in Dartington. Their programme streams on the web and they will discuss differing attitudes to listening on air and through the digital stream.

London Sound Survey collects and archives the diverse spectrum of urban audio from places and events in the Capital, licensed through Creative Commons on their web site.

Joe Stevens/Sound of Seaside started as a World Listening Day project inviting people to contribute their own sounds of the seaside to the site.


Gene Pool Radio

Gene Pool podcastThe Gene Pool radio show and podcast revs up for a new season Soundart Radio 102.5FM, beginning a weekly slot on Wednesday’s at 7pm.

The first episode on 8th Sept, presented by Martin Franklin & Felicity Ford, features discussion of the London Sound Survey, Sound Diaries and a telephone interview with Kathy Hinde about her work and the presentation of “Twitchr” at Sound:Site.

The following week 15th Sept, sees sound artist and performer, Jonathan Coleclough come in for a talk, where he demonstrates the filtering and processing technique he’ll be using to generate sound material for performance from the all night recording we took in the Recital Room at South Hill Park.

Dartington-based, Soundart Radio 102FM broadcasts to the Totnes area and on the web from:

Gene Pool is also available as a podcast and you can subscribe via the iTunes Channel. We also post links to individual episodes at  here.


It’s very rare for us to have an event like this with any spare budget to go for magazine advertising,  but adding to the other sound art and creative technology events, Sound:Site tips the balance. And so, for this year and we have up coming ad’s in both The Wire magazine and A-N.

Watch out for this 8th page beauty in the October issues!

Creaks and Squeaks

The building where Sound:Site is to be held is wonderfully old and characterful. It has many hidden corners and architectural features, including a very old passage around the back of the Studio Theatre upstairs with notably creaky floorboards.

I recorded the sound of these floorboards on Wednesday and uploaded it to the UK Sound Map. Walking on the floorboards produces an amazing sound because this part of the building is very old, and so I spent a good 15 minutes wandering about on them in my bare feet, appreciating the sonic qualities of the old wood. A longer recording is being sent to Jonathon Coleclough, who may use it in his performance at Site:Sound.

The UK Sound Map

In recent days it has been exhilerating to watch the evolution of the UK Sound Map project via its busy @uk_soundmap twitterfeed! There have been several high-profile media articles on the project already, including coverage on Radio 4’s TODAY programme, (feat. beautiful collage of sounds from the map) and this blog-post by Rory Cellan-Jones. I really enjoyed that the presenter in Radio 4 picked up on the fun and celebratory aspects of the project and it was great to hear Richard Ranft talking about more and more people becoming sound-recordists and archivists.

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