Twitchr relaunch at Sound:Site

Twitchr is currently being revamped to include the ability to upload your own birdsong recordings, specially for a relaunch at Sound:Site.

It will incorporate the application Audioboo which makes it really easy to upload a sound tagged to a specific location on a map. If you have any recordings of birdsong, please get them prepared for Twitchr’s re-launch (should be up and ready next week – watch this space) OR be inspired to go out and record some birdsong!


>>> Kathy Hinde’s interview in Gene Pool #24
>>> ‘Blackbird’ recordings on Audioboo
>>> Birdsong and wildlife recordings, so you can identify any birds featuring in recordings you’ve made
>>> Bird Songs at the British Library
>>> great article on reducing wind noise on smart-phone recordings


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