Micro Presentations Confirmed

Bookings for our re-christened 5 x9 micro-presentation slot are completed, with artists and projects that are just too interesting to cram into only 5 minutes. So, our rapid fire slot slows down, but gets more interesting with five presentations of 9’00”

Audio Gourmet, the only net label that complies with UK workplace legislation. Each Audio Gourmet release fits into the 15 minute statutory tea break.

SoundFjord Gallery is gaining lots of media interest since it’s recent opening as a sound focussed gallery space. Curator, Helen Frosi talks about the gallery’s web archive and online projects.

Soundart Radio 102.5FM are a community radio station based in Dartington. Their programme streams on the web and they will discuss differing attitudes to listening on air and through the digital stream.

London Sound Survey collects and archives the diverse spectrum of urban audio from places and events in the Capital, licensed through Creative Commons on their web site.

Joe Stevens/Sound of Seaside started as a World Listening Day project inviting people to contribute their own sounds of the seaside to the site.



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