Programme Information

Chris Clark, British Library, UK Sound Map, Patrick McGinley, Framework Radio, Kathy HindE, Ed Holroyd, Twitchr, Felicity Ford, Paul Whitty, Sound Diaries, Sonic Arts Research Unit, Simon Whetham, Jonathan Coleclough, Framework 250 Remixed

Sound:Site – Sonic Arts Festival at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Berkshire, UK brings together a set of exciting projects from in and around the Sound Art community, framing contemporary practice and emerging online/offline possibilities.

Felicity Ford introducing ‘The Internet as a destination for sound-based works” outlining some of the issues surrounding online/offline creative practices

Chris Clark, Head of Digital Research, British Library. Curating from sound archives and The Internet as a destination for the UK Sound Map

Patrick McGinley presentation on folk communities, The Internet as a destination for sound-based works, Framework radio show as a focus or hub for a global community of artists working in phonography and field recording.

5 x 9 minute presentations from a curated selection of practitioners using sound on their websites. Quick fire micro-presentations, where each presenter gets 9 minutes to introduce their website and their work. Featuring: SoundFjord Gallery, Soundart Radio 102.5FM, Audio Gourmet net label, Joe Stevens, London Sound Survey

Kathy Hinde and Ed Holroyd present twitchr in 2 parts. Part 1 is a presentation about the background of the project. Part 2 is a walk around the grounds of South Hill Park, experiencing and making an offline/online work in real time.

Sound Diaries Felicity Ford and Paul Whitty talk about the Sound Diaries project based at Oxford Brookes University’s Sonic Art Research Unit.

Evening Concert: “Framework 250 Remixed”, featuring remixes of the Framework 250 CD release by contributors Simon Whetham and Jonathon Coleclough, the project’s curator and instigator, Patrick McGinley.

South Hill Park  is grateful for the financial support of SARU, Oxford Brookes University for Sound:Site.